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The Importance of Gutter System Maintenance

Gutters, downspouts, and their exit lines are an important part of site drainage and a healthy foundation. Although often overlooked, their role in storm drainage is one of importance. If rain water collects around a foundation, or basement wall, this moisture can seep into the block, filling them, and creating a basement leak.

Another problem caused by faulty drainage is over saturation of the soils along the wall. If your home is built in areas with expansive soils, this can cause your basement walls to bow, lean, or shift. Bowing basement walls are common throughout The Mid-Ohio Valley, and the cost of repair varies greatly.
Gutters should be installed correctly, kept clean, and free flowing. If your downspouts go underground, find out where they go, and keep their exits open. Often these exits will get clogged with grass or dirt, and plug the exit entirely. Drain lines with no exit collect water, which can end up leaking into your basement or crawlspace.

Gutter PIc For blog entryWe recommend adding gutters, downspouts, and exits lines to your homes routine maintenance plan. Check them regularly and repair them as soon as an issue is found. It could prevent you from having a wet basement or crawlspace, and the cost of repair.

One of the biggest mistakes made with downspout installation is tying them into the foundation drain. This is a problem because foundation drains are not designed for storm drainage. They are not equipped to handle this amount of flow and volume. It is a major problem if the foundation drain exit gets clogged. Foundation drains and storm drains must be installed as two separate systems.