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Home Inspections: The Buyer’s Most Valuable Asset

Far too often we are called into a recently purchased home to assess foundation damage. Most owners say they were aware of a crack, previous patch, or repair attempt, but didn’t have it looked at. Countless times we have heard that the home inspector didn’t recommend anything.
 A home inspection is a great tool, and highly recommended for everyone preparing to purchase a home. What is important to know is what a home inspection is for. Most home inspectors offer comprehensive general home inspections, key word being general. The home inspection process is intended to give you an overview of general condition at the time of purchase, general maintenance, or potential problems. Once a potential issue is identified, almost all home inspectors will recommend that a qualified specialist investigate further.
With foundation repair being the la

Pilaster Sump Pump Bow Basement
Picture shows a failed attempt to hold a bowing basement wall. This wall had moved in approx. 2″ more after this installation.

rgest cost in home ownership, knowing the condition of the foundation is essential in home buying. Once a home inspector, or anyone, notices a crack, patch, or previous repair, it should be investigated. A foundation inspection could save you thousands.
To assist realtors, we offer a real estate continuing education class aimed at identifying potential foundation problems. Our class is certified in both Ohio and West Virginia.
If you are in the market for a new home, get a home inspection. If there are concerns beyond the home inspection, search out and find qualified individuals that can provide in-depth analysis to protect your new investment.