Basement Leaks

Not all basement leaks are created equal.


Lack of preventative maintenance is the cause of most leaks. Basement leaks can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be expensive to fix. Some leaks can be fixed by the homeowner, and for under $100.00. Downspouts should be kept free flowing and routed away from the home, the ground should be sloped away from home, and plumbing leaks should be fixed promptly.

Water has two ways it can enter your basement, through the wall, and up through the ground. The remedy for your basement leak needs to address the source. That is why we investigate your leak, and design a system for your particular situation.

We install both types of foundation drains, interior and exterior.

Knowing the difference between the two methods is key to choosing wisely. As an independent non-franchise company, we have the ability to explain the pros and cons of all available systems, helping you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right “repair.”

Interior Foundation Drains are not a “repair.” What they are designed to do is divert and collect the water, channeling it to a drain, instead of onto your basement floor. This system is excellent for what it is designed for, but does not address the source of the water. A true repair would address the source.
The decision to go with an interior system needs to be made with all variables in mind. Interior systems are cheaper on average, but condition of the wall itself is a major factor. If the wall has cracks, bows, or shifts, then the cause of this needs addressed. An interior foundation drain is only for leaks that are not affecting the structural integrity of the foundation itself.
The interior method is also a good option when customers do not want to remove decks, patios, landscaping or other exterior

MYTH ALERT!!!! Your bowed basement wall can be “fixed” from the inside.


Interior stabilization of a bowed or shifted wall is widely accepted, and functions quite well for the intended purpose, but are not “fixes.” We install these same methods, but install them as what they are, stabilization tactics. They can only be designed to hold the wall in its existing position. The reason for the movement in the wall is typically expansive soil on the outside of it. A wall cannot be returned to its original position without exterior excavation.

This is where Exterior Foundation Drains come in. With excavating the exterior of your foundation we have the ability to straighten your walls, and install a new drain system that prevents water from entering the wall. This is an actual repair, not a one size fits all sales gimmick.