Below are a list of common questions and answers from homeowners that have foundation failure. If you do not see your question below, you may email it clicking below.

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A bowing basement wall can exist without a basement leak being present. The walls can be pushed in by expansive soil. This soil, when excess moisture is present, creates the pressure that moves basement walls. Just because the basement is dry, does not mean that there is not excessive moisture in the soil.

A bowing basement wall can also be caused by roots, freeze pressure, excessive vibration, and many other factors. It is important to understand the cause of your bowing basement wall. This allows a repair method to be designed for the specific cause.

Some walls can bow due to a previous basement leak repair! The photo below is the results of bow due to incorrect backfilling procedures by another contractor.


Bowing basement wall

No. We do not ask you to leave your home, and actually encourage you to be present while work is being completed.

Most foundation repair projects can be completed in one week. We make every attempt to start your project on a Monday, and have everything back by Friday. There are some repair projects that can last longer.

We have been in the basement repair business since 1985.

We believe that education, and honesty is the best course of action for the health of your foundation. We provide consultation first, with suggestions on repair and routine maintenance. This foundation health strategy has kept us in the basement repair business, and allows us to concentrate on your concerns.

Basement Repair Locations:

Waterford, OH

Galena, OH

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There are options for basement waterproofing. We will provide you with all options for repair or mitigation. We are consultants first and contractors if your situation requires it. We will compare several repair methods prior to designing your repair. As an independent, non-franchise company, we have the ability to provide you a basement waterproofing solution, free from bias. We are not enslaved to a franchise method or product. We install multiple systems, from multiple suppliers.

Options for Basement Waterproofing:

Interior foundation drain systems

Exterior foundation drain systems

Routine Maintenance Click here for Foundation Maintenance

Yes we do. Click here to view our Warranty Information

Yes we are, while Ohio requires no specific license number for our field, we are in good standing with the Bureau of Workers Compensation, and the Better Business Bureau. Our West Virginia License number is WV012897. Insurance certificates can be produced upon request.

None without your approval. Our quotations are FIRM. All typical unforeseen items have been included, and the price only changes under agreement between the customer and us.

When homeowners have a flooded basement, we recommend doing as much as you can before hiring an expert. This includes checking downspouts, water leaks, and other items that can cause a basement leak. Click here for our foundation maintenance information Foundation Maintenance

No other options for your flooded basement?

Once we have determined that a repair is the only way to help your flooded basement, we will provide options. We offer interior and exterior basement systems.

We are also flexible in allowing a homeowner to complete as much as they are comfortable with. We can include everything, concrete replacement, seed and straw yard, replacing decks, fencing, etc. If an owner wants to self-preform these tasks, we will accommodate.

We are here to assist you, the homeowner.

Flooded Basement

Although all walls are different, we have seen very few “emergencies.” A wall that is bowed needs addressed sooner than later, but the amount of bow determines the timetable for repair. We have seen walls bowed in 7” that were still standing, but it is not advisable to wait that long to call for basement repair.

It is advisable to contact a basement repair expert as soon as the movement is noticed. If caught early, you can avoid an expensive basement repair with some maintenance.

In most cases, new foundation walls are not necessary. We have fixed walls that were bowed in 3” and shifted in another 4”. As long as they are standing, they typically can be repaired. There is a point where it can be cost prohibitive to repair, and at that time we will suggest the best thing for you.

Some cracks are typical and do not require a repair prior to patching. The cracks that do warrant a repair, however, should not be patched. Patching crack before a foundation repair takes place creates an additional hurdle to repair. Those patch materials are incompressible, and therefore limit the amount of straightening, or lifting, that can be achieved. For a full foundation repair consultation, call today!

Yes we do. We have partnered with GreenSky to offer competitive financing for customers in need. With low payment and 12 months same as cash options, your foundation repair project is within reach.

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The Foundation Repair Cost is the first question in everyone’s mind. I wish there was a quick answer, but there is not. Foundation Repair Cost has many variables depending on the repair method chosen. We know foundation repair cost is important to you. This is why we remain independent, free from a franchise that charges excessive fees to belong. We also have the ability to design and install custom repairs that address not only your budget, but your concerns for the overall health of your foundation.

Foundation Repair Cost Range:

Interior Foundation Drain Systems $2500 – $15,000 With the average at $6500

Exterior Foundation Drain Systems $5000 – $30,000 With the average at $15,000

House Settlement Repair $5500 – $60,000 With the average at $15,000

Please note that these are ball-park style figures from our 30+ years in the industry. Specific factors play a role in cost. Actual price could be lower, higher, or right in there. Call for a consultation, and design appointment with one of our experts. Contact Kelly Lang Contractors

Foundation Repair Cost