If your foundation has settled, it can dramatically affect the value of your home. The first step to correcting the settlement, and restoring value, is to determine the cause. Once the cause is determined, we can design a lift and stabilization plan that is right for you, and your specific situation.

Many franchise contractors focus on selling their products. Our independence means you get true expertise, investigation, and a solution free from bias. We install multiple types of piers, from a variety of suppliers. This gives us the most comprehensive options available on the market. We can match your situation with what is best, not just what we sell.

Keep the value of your home from sinking.

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Early and not so obvious signs of settlement:

  • Sloped floors
  • Cracks in Drywall
  • Sticking Windows and Doors
  • Stair Step Cracking in Block
  • Misalignment of Chimney
  • Movement in Trim and Flashings
  • Even an uneven roof line can mean that some settlement is present.


If you have signs of settlement, give us a call and we will set up a consultation.